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King Addies International Sound System, created in 1983 in Brooklyn, New York City is respected as 1 as the most dominant and iconic sound systems in the world. Addies is a sound who dominated the “The Biltmore Era” which is known as the Golden Era and most competitive period of the Sound clash industry has earned Addies their place in the history books. King Addies also known as the Billboard Sound is THE sound that made upcoming sounds understand that you didn’t have to be a Jamaica based to make it to the top of the industry, making them without a doubt, the most influential of all time.

Addies emerged as the leading sound out of New York in the late 80’s and 90’s. Pioneered by the legendary selector ‘Danny Dread’, whose contacts helped advance the careers of nuff reggae artists in the international markets of North America and England. Danny Dread’s protégé BabyFace aka LionFace and the talented young MC called Tony Matterhorn have been named two of the best and most talented selectors the world has ever witnessed. The combined strength of the ace selectors Danny Dread & Baby Face and the hype of Tony Matterhorn made Addies an unbeatable force placing a stamp on the industry as the most admired sound in the game.

Addies has created an unmatched resume, clashing and defeating some of the worlds greatest sounds. Celebrating 35 years in the industry King Addies now has new faces, new talent that are keeping the legacy going. Selectors in America and now Jamaica such as Kingpin, Killa Boo, Winterfresh, Maphead, Swugee, Skip and Viper have won multiple clashes and also juggle weekly with some of the biggest names in the industry around the world.


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